Our top leading E-commerce brand Herman

The Problem

The major setback is to introduce Herman in the E-commerce market, create social media influence, and all the essentials that a startup needs to transform into a promising brand. They chose us on the basis of our cost-benefit analysis that Devnest presented and gave suggestions according to their future business growth.

Devnest started with their branding, provided the digital platform, and presented them on social media. We did what made them phenomenal sellers country-wide.

New Techonology
Web Revamp
No Social Media Presence

Work We Did

work we did
work we did
work we did


To give identification to any professional brand and make it unique, the logo is the most ideal way to create. Devnest’s skillful designers started working on the Herman logo with the vision to give an effective impression to the clothing brand.

The logo formation is to split one word into two such as Herman – HM which integrates the “her man”. The true concept behind Herman is that the man belongs to the woman he loves, and our sleek Black font color shows the simplicity of the brand that gives a vivid/bold vibe.



Herman wants to be an online clothing brand that’s why they need a website for showcasing their products such as men’s wear, men’s accessories, women handbags and watches, and much more.

Devnest built a magnificent website that matches its brand personality and all the essentials from content to product images. Devnest’s developer helped them to support back-end and front-end framework and still, any issue occurs or any additional work related to the website, they are responsible to handle it as soon as possible.  



Devnest’s marketing team took further steps to generate the first pitch in front of the audience and all they needed was social media accounts where they created pages and a series of content that attracted the prospect’s mind.
Social Media Post
Social Media Post
Social Media Post
Social Media Post
Social Media Post
Social Media Post

Social Advertising

After increasing the organic reach from the social media post, now it was time to invest in the ad campaign which surprisingly turned very effective and actually worked for selling. The audience interacted with ads, started inquiring about the products through messages and increased website visits.

The overall messages entertained approx {numbers} and the CPL was {numbers}. It looked very promising when their sales got high from 0-8 per week and gradually increased. Till today, they are generating 10x profit from their initial month.

Ad Creatives
Building Strategies
Campaign Management

Overall Milestonewe both achieved as a Partner

We loved to help Herman Clothing brand to stand in this competitive market by putting in all our effort till now. We believe in helping businesses grow and eliminate the roadblock that they face.
Avg. cost per result: 0.10$ – 0.20$
Avg. leads per day: 60 – 80
Ad spend per day – 12$